The Keepers

The Keepers

The Keepers

You Can’t Make This Up - May 16, 2018 - 47:26

It's been a year since The Keepers came out, so we're revisiting the story and catching up with some of the people impacted by it. NPR's Kelly McEvers interviews The Keepers director Ryan White and Jean Wehner, one of the survivors who bravely shared her story. Plus, self proclaimed grandma Nancy Drew, aka Gemma Hoskins, updates us on the cold case and what her life has been like since the series came out. You can find more information and resources on how to support survivors at Gemma Hoskins is also supporting the SURF GoFundMe page to help raise money for Sexual Abuse Survivors of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. You can find out more about that here:

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It's been a year since The Keepers came out, so we wanted to revisit the story and catch up with some of the people impacted by it....

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