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How To Deal With Toxic Mold: Environmental Toxins, Detox Protocols and Tips for Keeping Your Home Healthy

How To Deal With Toxic Mold: Environmental Toxins, Detox Protocols and Tips for Keeping Your Home Healthy

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - August 6, 2021 - 1:11:21

Today’s episode shares the objective story on how Rachel and her family dealt with finding toxic mold in their house, from A to Z.Environmental health is incredibly important, but often overlooked. The truth is you are exposed to toxins on a continuous basis, but your body has pathways to remove them from your system. What happens when you live in an environment that completely overwhelms your natural ability to detox? It’s simple. You get sick.In this episode, Rachel covers the entire mold timeline, from how her family discovered the problem, to the symptoms experienced, the tests they used to assess the damage, the detox protocols they followed, how they remediated their house, and what happened with their belongings. Tune in to learn the common places in your home that mold loves to hide, why your steamy showers may be harming you in the long run, and other tips and tricks to keep your home healthy. You shouldn’t always have to focus on healing - sometimes you should just thrive! Today’s episode will help you get there.Mold Resources:The Colorado based company that helped Rachel’s family: Gary Gilman from SteamMaster Mold Remediators and Consultants: @moldfinders, @themoldguy, @pjharlowwellnessFunctional Doctors: @drjillcarnahan, @dr.jess.mdThe Great Plains Laboratory: Envirobiomics:

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