Setting Intentions and Manifesting Love

Setting Intentions and Manifesting Love

Setting Intentions and Manifesting Love

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - December 29, 2017 - 58:03

In this episode Rachel shares her intentions for 2018 and invites her listeners to join in. Setting intentions for the new year is a deeply spiritual practice and to find out what we want to manifest we need to begin by looking at what we have struggled with during the year that’s passed! Rachel talks about how the idea of losing weight, starting a new exercise regimen and changing who we are is always doomed to fail and that to find long-lasting balance we need to look at what lies beneath wanting to change who we are. She opens up about her own resolutions and challenges; how can you learn to slow down when it’s in your nature to move? How do you ask for help when you’re used to doing everything yourself? How can we make space for healing in a world that constantly demands us to perform and be perfect? Join Rachel as she shares her best tips on how to set loving intentions and create ceremony to ring in the new year from the heart.

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