Best Friends Forever - with Olivia Rothschild!

Best Friends Forever - with Olivia Rothschild!

Best Friends Forever - with Olivia Rothschild!

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - December 8, 2017 - 1:05:59

In this episode Rachel’s best friend takes over as host of the show to interview Rachel! They start off talking about Rachel’s fears about leaving her baby for the first time and Olivia asks some very serious questions Rachel normally does not answer (like, “when was the first time you ever farted in front of Dennis?”) and they then venture toward more serious subjects ( pooping during childbirth). After getting the many questions about bodily functions out of the way they dive into the stories from their high school days, what it’s like having husbands that are BFF’s and the very important subject of #MeToo - what’s next? They talk about how we can raise vulnerable boys and empowered girls while continuing to smash the patriarchy and strive for equality in the most loving way possible. They also talk about how to find your true passion in life and stay on course even when life throws you challenges.

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