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You Deserve To FEEL GOOD! How To Step Out of A Negative Cycle

You Deserve To FEEL GOOD! How To Step Out of A Negative Cycle

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - September 25, 2020 - 51:57

Have you been having a hard time implementing day to day habits that lead to you feeling really good, throughout the day and throughout your being? We are all struggling somewhere, and there are little changes in our self-care we can make that can help to get us out of a rut and into a more centered, clear, connected place. On this week’s episode, Rachel shares the 3 changes she has made in her life that finally got her out of a rut and back into a lightness of being. As good as it feels to sit on the couch, eat homemade baked goods and watch Top Chef, it feels a lot better to watch the sunrise at 5 am, and start the day from the inside out. Starting the day by exploring your inner world and cutting out that which does not serve you can do wonders for your wellbeing. This episode will inspire you to really give yourself time to be alone, to meditate on what it is that you can bring into balance into your life, to get outside into nature, and to make the commitment to implement small daily changes in order to feel good deep inside of your soul.

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