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A Mold Nightmare: How to Cope When You Lose Everything

A Mold Nightmare: How to Cope When You Lose Everything

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - March 19, 2021 - 1:06:45

As of last week, Rachel received the devastating news that she has dangerously high levels of mold in her house. Her family has had to move out immediately, get tested for mycotoxins, find contractors, doctors and mold experts that can help, and they will possibly lose all of their belongings… including their home. Trigger warning – bring tissues for this episode.After years of taking great care of herself and her family (eating vegan, taking supplements, investing in water and air filtration systems, etc) it has been a complete mystery as to why Rachel is constantly feeling unwell. The answer came with the results to a mold test that told them to get out now.In today’s episode, Rachel shares openly about this entire experience. How did she find the mold in her house? What tests did she use? How can you get rid of mold? What impact does this have on your health and wellbeing? And if there is a solution to this… what is it? Tune in for the whole story, and send Rachel, Lea and Dennis lots of love in the coming weeks.For more resources on mold, follow @drjillcrista,, @themoldguy, @pjharlowwellness, @frolicandflow, @survivingmold, and @lifeaftermold on Instagram.

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