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Self-Reliance and Freedom: Learning to Connect Your Values with the Way You Live Your Life

Self-Reliance and Freedom: Learning to Connect Your Values with the Way You Live Your Life

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - September 2, 2022 - 49:37

What brings you joy? Is it a priority in your life or does it fall to the wayside for everything else? Today’s episode will remind you why you must chase your joy at all costs.It’s harvest season over at Rachel’s house. Simple things these days, such as teaching her sister how to garden, making elderberry syrup, and learning how to preserve foods has brought her more joy than she can remember in a long time. After some challenges with Lea’s schooling, Rachel discusses using her joy as an anchor to remember where her true values lie: in feeling free, being self-sustainable, and finding confidence in her ability to care for the ones she loves the most.The closer you bring yourself to your joy, the more you will recognize what really matters in your life. Tune in to remember what it’s all about for you.

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