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Mothering Ourselves - A Fever, A Tea Ceremony, and God

Mothering Ourselves - A Fever, A Tea Ceremony, and God

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - September 10, 2021 - 1:02:07

Sometimes the biggest realizations come to us at the most challenging times. Today’s episode of the Yoga Girl Podcast is no different. Returning to life after a sickness and fever brought her to a different portal, Rachel has a lot to share. From lucid dreams, to big transitions, and all her tests coming back negative - was this past week an ascension? A shedding of layers? A rebirth? A coming home?Sitting down for tea, it all came together. In this episode, you will get a glimpse into an aspect of Rachel’s life she has never shared before: her tea ceremony. This ritual tied together with a newfound vulnerability brought her to her knees and made everything come full circle. Sometimes we have to completely fall apart to put ourselves back together. Sometimes we have to learn to mother ourselves when our inner child is scared and fragile. And sometimes, we have to go to the depths of the portal, to the brink of our edges, to find God.

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