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Diversifying the Wellness Industry and Using Joy as an Act of Resistance with Latham Thomas

Diversifying the Wellness Industry and Using Joy as an Act of Resistance with Latham Thomas

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - June 26, 2020 - 59:55

The past few months have given us a glimpse of what the world has the potential to be – a world where we work and commute less, where we have more time in our day to take care of ourselves, and most importantly: where justice is for all. In a world that rewards you for putting work and the idea of success above all else, the pursuit of joy and the practice of self-care is a radical tool of resistance and liberation. These are the words from this week’s very special guest, Latham Thomas (follow @glowmaven and @mamaglow on Instagram!). Latham is a maternal wellness maven, best-selling author of “Own Your Glow”, Birth Doula, and proud mama who is transforming the world of birth and motherhood. Along with supporting women in optimal wellness and spiritual growth, she also finds time to advocate for birth equity and to bridge policy gaps in maternal health. This episode will provide an eye-opening look into the wellness field (where so much change needs to happen!), show you how racism weaponizes tools of consciousness, and give you steps you can take within your own community to look for joy while dismantling the systemic issues that keep others from finding theirs.

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