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Holding Your Inner Child: Understanding Emotion, Unpacking Trauma, and Unmasking the Reason Why

Holding Your Inner Child: Understanding Emotion, Unpacking Trauma, and Unmasking the Reason Why

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - April 29, 2022 - 1:00:56

It is said that the first seven years of your life are crucial in the development of the person you will one day become. That inner child in you still lives on - in your nervous system, in your reactions, and in feelings you cannot always explain. Today’s episode will help you understand the language of your own inner child.Rachel shares a story of her experiences as a young girl, and how lingering traumas still show up in her life today. When she seeks rest, peace, and play, she is always left with a feeling of stress, guilt, and fear. But why? Her life is not the same as it was when she was five years old. Maybe her inner child doesn’t quite believe that. Whatever challenge you may be facing right now, make sure to hold your inner child through it too. That vulnerable, innocent part of yourself is just longing to have their needs met. Tune in to begin the process.

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