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Returning to Our Roots, Caring for the Earth, and Living as Nature

Returning to Our Roots, Caring for the Earth, and Living as Nature

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - November 26, 2021 - 47:58

If there is one truth, it is this: we are nature. Today’s episode begins with a meditation to remind you of that. You will physically connect with the ground below you and energetically imagine your roots going deep into the earth.Rachel then continues to discuss the craving she has had lately to fully immerse herself in nature: to grow her own food, to drink water from a natural spring, to spark her own fires. We tend to look at nature as a remedy to our lives, but we might be seeing things from the wrong direction. Nature may be calling us home. If you are longing for a different life, today’s episode will plant the seed on how to embrace who you really are on a cellular level. What you are longing for may be right outside your front door.

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