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A Garden as a Metaphor for Love, Loss and Life

A Garden as a Metaphor for Love, Loss and Life

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - May 8, 2020 - 50:57

We are all subjected to one ultimate truth of life: nothing is permanent. Plants, people, jobs, relationships, and homes – everything that surrounds us is fragile and fleeting. In this week’s episode, Rachel has been watching her garden be assaulted by lizards, dogs, white flies, mildew and a multitude of other challenges, and she is suddenly hit with the realization that her garden represents a metaphor for all of life.We may not have control over the eventual outcomes, but we do have a choice when we are faced with obstacles or opportunities. We can choose to show up and nourish the plants regardless of the hardships, or we can give up and miss out on the joyful process of the journey.This episode will remind you that the magic of being is found in the journey itself, not in the final destination. We cannot let the fear of pain, grief, or loss hold us back from doing what we love. After all, it’s the fragility of life that makes it so valuable. All we can do is immerse ourselves in as much life as we can while we are here.

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