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What Helps You Remember that Your Body is Sacred?

What Helps You Remember that Your Body is Sacred?

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - May 29, 2020 - 55:20

In this episode, Rachel finds herself in a place of shame after realizing she has gained weight during quarantine. But here’s the thing - she felt no shame at all, in fact she felt great in her body, until she stepped on a scale. What was it inside of her that caused that shift? This pandemic has brought with it a lot of change, and many of us are seeing changes in our physical bodies. The minute we feel shame, we have a tendency to try changing ourselves. But no matter how we try to change, whether it is through hardcore dieting or through yoga and green juice, it will all be rooted from the same place - a place where it is not okay for us to gain weight or be anything other than what society expects of us. We can also approach “changing ourselves” in a completely different way. Maybe it is not our bodies that need to change, but our mindsets instead, and the years of conditioning that society has fed us. Instead of dieting, or judging, or feeling shame - come back to that practice that reminds you that your body is sacred. Do things that serve you. Keep growing. Society has told women to shrink themselves for too long.This episode will remind you of the tremendous gift your body is and the wisdom it contains. Your body is divine, your body is sacred, and your body is an asset to your enlightenment - not a hindrance. Tune in to shed the layers and come back to a deep rooted self-love that has been inside you all along.

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