From the Heart with Rachel Brathen

Teaser Episode: From the Heart with Rachel Brathen

Teaser Episode: From the Heart with Rachel Brathen

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - January 6, 2023 - 01:49

Welcome to From the Heart with Rachel Brathen. In this show, Rachel Brathen, New York Times Bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and podcast host, shares directly from her heart to yours. This is a place where you can be an open book – where you can feel your feelings and know that you’re not alone. In an intimate storytelling format, each episode explores everything from overcoming adversity, to wellbeing, self-care, and motherhood. You’ll learn how to speak your truth, set boundaries, sit with grief, truly love your body, and make the mundane sacred. New episodes release every Friday, and each one is a space to hold your own heart. Because we all feel the same things, just not always at the same time.

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Rachel Brathen is a bestselling author, podcast host, and serial entrepreneur who inspires millions every day. Now – Rachel offers an even more intimate look into her life and the inspiring journey. Weekly episodes of storytelling and talks from Rachel (sometimes alongside special guests!) dive into topics such as love, trust, finding balance, overcoming adversity and well-being. The light you are seeking is within your own heart. Join Rachel as she helps you uncover it, from her heart to yours.

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