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#MeToo, Yoga and Protecting Your Energetic Space

#MeToo, Yoga and Protecting Your Energetic Space

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - November 29, 2019 - 56:12

In this episode, Rachel is in Tulum on vacation with her family and trying to slow down. After receiving some interesting news and getting kicked off a magazine cover shoot after speaking up on the topic of #MeToo in the yoga world, Rachel does what she usually does: she speaks out for justice and stands with those who have been subjected to trauma.This is Rachel’s mission in life, to use her platform and voice to spark real change in the world. Actually, this is all of our missions! We can all be of service in different ways in the world.However, being of service takes energy, and Rachel shares a story of a defining moment in her life when she realized it was all too much. This episode can show you that to do good in the world, you have to make sure you are not spreading yourself so thin that you have no energy left for your own heart. Sometimes the universe is hitting us on the head with a big sign, and it’s important that we listen to it. Only by filling your own cup first will you be able to bring your best self to the world, and that is exactly what is needed.

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