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Cancel Culture and the Seven Stages of Grief

Cancel Culture and the Seven Stages of Grief

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - August 21, 2020 - 1:03:03

Rachel’s life has been turned upside down lately in a way she cannot fully describe. In today’s episode, she recounts the story that unfolded in the past week after she was ‘cancelled’ online. Although she feels as if she is going through a process of mourning, she is having difficulty pinpointing exactly what it is she is mourning, and the purpose behind it. Her family is safe. The Yoga Girl community is strong and connected. Island Yoga is still thriving. So, what exactly is she mourning? A sense of safety? A sense of community? A sense of belonging and feeling at home? This type of mourning is visceral and hard on the nervous system. But as with all hard things, the only way out is through.Answers may reveal themselves in time, but today all we can do is be kind, find healing, and do more things to connect to peace every moment of our day. Tune in for a heartfelt, raw, honest account of social media gone wrong and the effects it can have.

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