Becoming a Force of Good In The World By Feeling Your Feelings and Choosing Your Community With Care

Becoming a Force of Good In The World By Feeling Your Feelings and Choosing Your Community With Care

Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart - September 8, 2017 - 54:12

In this episode Rachel talks about the magnificent power of taking charge of your emotional well being. When we feel whole and safe, we are able to harness that energy and take charge to make a difference in the world - in our own way. YOU have the power to change the world. You do! She talks about the challenge of staying away from gossip and drama and gives examples on how to continuously bring love into situations that try to pull us toward negativity and judgement. Rachel also dives into the topic of making vulnerability the new "normal", not letting frustration build up and stagnate and the positive cycle of choosing to show up with love - every single day.

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