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The Yoga Episode: Answering All Your Yoga Questions!

The Yoga Episode: Answering All Your Yoga Questions!

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - October 23, 2020 - 1:17:43

Welcome to the much-anticipated YOGA episode of the Yoga Girl Podcast! Tune in today as Rachel takes questions from the Yoga Girl Community about the practice of yoga, how to start your practice, finding a teacher that resonates, honoring the roots of yoga, common misalignments and more!Wherever you are at with your practice, if you’ve never stepped onto a yoga mat or if you are an advanced practitioner, this heartfelt episode from Rachel is a step-by-step guide not only into the practice of yoga, but what it means personally for you as well.Hint – it’s not really about the asana, it’s adapting the practice to fit your needs while simultaneously creating a routine that works for you.The Yoga Girl community wrote in some amazing questions for Rachel, and these are some of the golden truths that we need to hear right now. Yoga is so sacred and personal, and this episode will guide you through the ways to choose a practice, teacher, habit, lifestyle and resonance that works for you. Life is cyclical, and we all go through ups and downs - it’s the same with our practices! But if we keep our hearts aligned with the true roots of yoga, then we are able to make a shift in our internal lives and open to the abundance of the true roots of the practice. Tune in to continue on the journey.

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