From the Heart with Rachel Brathen

Couples Therapy with Dennis Schoneveld

Couples Therapy with Dennis Schoneveld

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - November 6, 2020 - 56:08

Couples who do therapy together, stay together! What do Rachel and Dennis do to deepen their relationship? How does Dennis feel about the practice of sharing? Why does Ironman make Dennis emotional? All of these questions and more answered in this week’s episode of the Yoga Girl Podcast as Rachel is again joined by our favorite guest, her husband Dennis.Rachel and Dennis are in the midst of a 9-week couple’s course and Dennis is currently in the US, so they share everything from intimate communication (and how Rachel and Dennis do it differently), supporting each other’s self-care practices, why communication and intimacy is the most important thing, parenting, traveling to an Ironman in Florida during the election and a pandemic, and more! Rachel and Dennis’ self-care practices differ immensely, but it’s all coming full circle in this episode as Rachel actually gets Dennis to open up about his feelings and doing the inner work. It’s through open communication that they recognize the need for their own individual self-care practices that will bring them closer as a couple. But ultimately, how does Dennis feel about it? Tune in to find out!

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