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How To Go From Hurting To Healing

How To Go From Hurting To Healing

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - November 22, 2019 - 57:39

Are you feeling hurt? Betrayed? Upset by the actions of someone close to you (or a perfect stranger)? Wondering how to get to the root of your emotional triggers? In this episode, Rachel talks about unpacking emotional wounds through the use of observing, recognition, holding space, therapy, and putting the pieces of the wounded puzzle back together again. Don’t get lost in obsessing over other people’s actions. You can’t control what other people do - you can only control how you react what comes your way. Every time you feel hurt is an opportunity to move closer to healing.Taking the time to hold space for your emotions, to express yourself openly, to observe and recognize your triggers can fully change your life. These wounds actually create our realities and are the source of the stories we tell ourselves. This episode will help you get past hurt, stop wasting energy on people who are stealing your energy and help you open up to feeling more compassion for yourself and the healing work you are doing.

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