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You Are More Than What Happened To You - Identifying and Healing Trauma with Shubhaa Kassima Fisher

You Are More Than What Happened To You - Identifying and Healing Trauma with Shubhaa Kassima Fisher

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - January 3, 2020 - 1:21:16

So many of us are struggling to heal from traumatic events that took place in our past. If you have suffered through loss, separation, disease, abandonment, abuse, neglect... You are not alone. Trauma is not identified by what happened to us, but by our ability to respond. We often minimize trauma by saying “it could have been worse”, but when something comes our way and it’s too fast, too much, and too soon it can leave us in shock and suffering for years to come. In this episode, Rachel is joined by trauma therapist, psychologist and Path of Love leader Shubhaa Kassima Fisher. Together they identify and unpack trauma, dive into how to begin the road to healing, and answer many questions around the topic of trauma and overcoming adversity. Life is full of ups and downs, valleys and peaks, highs and lows. Those lower vibrational emotions, such as anger, frustration, and loneliness can get trapped in our hearts. The process of healing will only begin once we acknowledge them, and once those feelings are validated and metabolized. If you’re reading this, you have probably already felt the desire to heal! There is no better time than now. This episode will help you to acknowledge your own trauma and shine the light on a path forward to help bring you closer to healing. Shubhaa also shares a profound example of the power of healing trauma in her own post-partum recovery story. Tune in to begin the journey! For more information on Shubhaa, please visit To sign up for Path of Love, please go to this affiliate link: and use code YOGAGIRL (for every person signed up, we get a kickback to use toward scholarships for people who cannot afford to go).

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