Sex, Sarcasm and The Meaning of Consent with Dennis Schoneveld

Sex, Sarcasm and The Meaning of Consent with Dennis Schoneveld

Sex, Sarcasm and The Meaning of Consent with Dennis Schoneveld

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - February 9, 2018 - 1:17:16

In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis (who’s getting more candid and slightly more inappropriate for every episode!). They start off talking about a recent disagreemenGt they had and how they process things completely differently when they fight. They then dive into the sensitive topic of the #MeToo movement - Dennis shares some stories from his past and they discuss the true meaning of consent and then Dennis tells the hilarious story of their first night together (what!!). Taking questions from social media they also get into the topic of jealousy, exes, their hectic schedule and how they stay balanced in their relationship (hint: it requires having a good sense of humor). Show sponsor links Havenly - Four Sigmatic - Daily Harvest - (Promo code YogaGirl) Quip -

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