Feel Your F*cking Feelings with JP Sears

Feel Your F*cking Feelings with JP Sears

Feel Your F*cking Feelings with JP Sears

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - October 12, 2018 - 1:26:13

In this episode Rachel is joined by JP Sears, the comedian, author, speaker, emotional healing coach and YouTuber (with over 300 million accumulated views!). Sharing from the heart what has been present in his life lately, JP opens up about feeling lonely and insignificant and how it is through merging comedy and spirituality that he seeks to bring awakening to others. It is, as he says, one of the best ways to let go of the ego, not take things too seriously, and have some fun along the way. With that, JP even shares the only video he has ever deleted and how to handle negative or critical comments from others.Diving from there into a deep conversation on vulnerability, Rachel and JP notice a common thread as they discuss the emotional distance they felt from their fathers, as well as their need to be “rescuers”. As the discussion draws to a close, Rachel and JP discuss how important it is to feel your feelings as they come - and how this will lead to true change in this world.How can we drop our ego and open ourselves up to being vulnerable? What is it about feeling our feelings that will create true change in our society? Join in as Rachel and JP discuss these questions in what is a witty, lighthearted and reassuring conversation.

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