The Bet with Dennis Schoneveld

The Bet with Dennis Schoneveld

The Bet with Dennis Schoneveld

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - October 26, 2018 - 1:12:04

In this episode, Rachel is joined once again by her husband and baby daddy, Dennis Schoneveld! Both Rachel and Dennis have big things coming up - Dennis is participating in his second Iron Man at the same time that Rachel is leading a yoga teacher training. They discuss what happened the last time Dennis did an Iron Man - and how it was the most they’ve ever fought as a couple. Recognizing that Rachel is much calmer this time around (maybe due to the Path of Love retreat she recently attended?), the couple makes a deal - Dennis will attend a Path of Love retreat if Rachel will participate in a Half Iron Man (!!).Finishing off the episode with some questions from the community, Dennis discusses Rachel’s nagging, what gives him anxiety, how he handles social media drama, what finally made him go vegan - and of course, when to expect baby number two. Tune in for another great conversation between Rachel and Dennis that will redefine the word ‘compromise’ and have everyone cracking up.

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