What Scares You? (Part 1)

What Scares You? (Part 1)

What Scares You? (Part 1)

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - November 16, 2018 - 2:24:25

In this episode, Rachel is once again joined by her yoga teacher trainees for a special two-part podcast segment.The topic of this group sharing is Fear and answering the question “What scares you?”. We are all dealing with fears somewhere in our own lives - in our relationships, family or work lives. Sometimes fear is purposeful, but often it holds us back or paralyzes us. Here, the participants share their deepest fears for the world to hear, speaking openly on their challenges and struggles in a way that will move your heart deeply.The sharing then turns to a second question, “What if that fear wasn’t present?” Or “What if fear didn’t have such a big part of our lives?”. If we were released from what holds us back the most - how would our lives be different? How would we act differently? Sharing powerful statements, the participants speak their hearts’ deepest desires - what they crave the most and how they would fully embrace life released from worry, anxiety and fear.Tune in for another beautiful episode of community sharing. It is this openness and raw bravery that shows us all we are not alone, we all feel the same way, and we are all capable of letting go of what does not serve us.

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