Cultural Appropriation with Susanna Barkataki

Cultural Appropriation with Susanna Barkataki

Cultural Appropriation with Susanna Barkataki

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - August 31, 2018 - 1:22:32

In this episode, Rachel invites Susanna Barkataki to discuss the topic of cultural appropriation. Susanna is a teacher, inclusivity promoter, yoga culture advocate and the author of the original article, “How to Decolonize Your Yoga Practice” that was widely circulated across social media over the past few weeks. The conversation begins with Susanna speaking on her personal history of experiencing racism and marginalization growing up in an Indian-British family in the UK and US. Using this as a starting point to discuss what has happened to yoga culture in the Western world, Rachel and Susanna then dive into a deep conversation on this topic. What is cultural appropriation? Where do we draw the line between cultural appreciation and appropriation? Rachel opens up to share her fears and past behaviours while Susanna offers true heartfelt advice on how westerners can continue practicing with deep respect for this ancient practice. Join Rachel and Susanna as they discuss these difficult but important questions and open the door for a shift in mindset to take place.

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