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Holding Hands with Hard Emotions: How to Define, Process, and Learn from Your Discomfort

Holding Hands with Hard Emotions: How to Define, Process, and Learn from Your Discomfort

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - May 27, 2022 - 53:36

Anxiety can find us at any moment without rhyme or reason. But what should we do when it arrives? If you’ve been struggling with anxiety or any other difficult emotion lately, today’s Yoga Girl Podcast episode will help you recognize your triggers, pause before your reactions, and learn to sit with difficult feelings. As Rachel sat down to record, an overwhelming sense of anxiety was lingering within her. Her innate reaction was to jump into “fixing” mode. Surely she would feel better if she tackled her to-do list and got a lot of things done. But is that really true? Rachel reflects on a moment she had with her daughter recently that reminded her where the healing really happens.We need to feel the entire spectrum of human emotion in order to fully embrace our happiness, our joy and our humanity. You shouldn’t sell yourself short of an experience just because it’s hard. It could be leading you somewhere. Tune in to tap into your innate knowledge to feel and to heal.

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