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A Story About a Bear

A Story About a Bear

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - April 30, 2021 - 38:51

How do you say goodbye to the most important thing in your life? In today’s episode, we take notes and learn from Lea Luna, Rachel’s 4-year old daughter, and how she dealt with losing her best friend, Bear.Did you have a special toy as a child that meant everything to you? When you’re young, a stuffed animal can mean structure, support and love. It can mean everything. In today’s episode, Rachel tells the story of Bear - Luna’s most beloved stuffed animal. Since dealing with mold, Bear was among the countless things that were too toxic and dangerous to keep. But unlike many things, Bear held important significance in Luna’s life, and would be the hardest for her to let go.Tune in for the full story, from where Bear came from, his close bond with Luna, how he lost one ear, and what Rachel did to lessen the pain of losing him for her daughter. Sometimes saying goodbye is too much to bear, but other times a goodbye can lead to new experiences, new stories, and new adventures. Today’s episode will let you connect to your own inner child and give you hope in the midst change.

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