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A Radical Act Of Self-Love: Setting Boundaries with our Loved Ones

A Radical Act Of Self-Love: Setting Boundaries with our Loved Ones

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - May 28, 2021 - 1:00:41

Our identities are complex. We are made up of dreams, beliefs, likes, dislikes and unique personalities - but everything about us is interwoven with the identities of the people we love the most. So, how can we know where others end and we begin? When do we choose ourselves, and when do we recognize and make sacrifices for a loved one whose needs may be greater than our own?In this week’s episode, Rachel opens up about her difficult past family dynamics and how they are showing up in her life today in this move to Sweden. Finding herself in a very similar situation she faced as a child, she reflects on bravely balancing her own needs as a human being, as a daughter, and now as a parent, too.Remember, it is a radical act of self-love to set and uphold boundaries, but that doesn’t mean that its easy or that the decision is always black or white. Tune in as Rachel tackles the challenging topics of setting boundaries, making difficult decisions, and daring to take up a little bit more space.

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