Maternity Leave Schmaternity Leave

Maternity Leave Schmaternity Leave

Maternity Leave Schmaternity Leave

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - December 7, 2018 - 1:09:01

In this episode, Rachel is on her very first day of maternity leave - and it is not going well. She discusses everything that led her to this moment, from feeling burnt out and tired from work with a heavy burden of responsibility on her shoulders. So she took time off and... cleaned the house, walked the dogs, fed the goats, took out the garbage, browsed Instagram and felt like she did nothing of value to help her slow down.After some evaluating, Rachel recognizes that her challenge doesn’t just lie in slowing down, but in practicing mindfulness and staying present in all the moments in between.Are there areas in your life where practicing mindfulness is a challenge? Where are you not present and how can you better focus your attention? Maybe its the in-between moments - standing at the grocery store line, driving to work, cooking dinner - that really matter. And maybe the key to finding inner peace is available to us, all the time.

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