From the Heart with Rachel Brathen

The Period Podcast! with Cycle Expert Nicole Jardim

The Period Podcast! with Cycle Expert Nicole Jardim

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - January 8, 2021 - 1:22:34

Welcome to the much anticipated episode on all things PERIOD! What was your first period experience like? Have you ever secretly slid a tampon to your best friend? Are you wondering what the pill is doing to your body after years of use? Did your period change during the pandemic? Are you having painful or inconsistent periods and not sure what’s up? This episode is for you and people who have periods everywhere!Rachel is joined by health coach and period expert Nicole Jardim who authored the book Fix Your Period. They talk about all things connecting to your cycle, including Rachel’s hilarious first period story, hormone fluctuation, imbalances in your period, contraceptives and their side effects, and answer your period questions from Instagram.Our bodies are miraculous, but for some reason period problems are so prevalent. It all comes down to knowing our bodies, tracking our cycles and paying attention to important things like gut health, cortisol levels, and blood sugar levels. In order to return to a more natural, balanced state, we have to consciously connect with our cycle and support our entire body, emotional as well as physical.This episode will help you to understand all of your period symptoms, teach you how to support your body in a natural way, verify the pandemic period concept, inspire you to connect consciously with your cycle so you can balance your hormones throughout the entire month, and honor and celebrate the gift of your natural cycle.

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