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We Don’t Need to Carry Everything, But We Need to Carry Some

We Don’t Need to Carry Everything, But We Need to Carry Some

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - March 4, 2022 - 52:36

It’s a hard time to be human right now - or maybe it always is. If you find your anxiety levels rising from constantly checking the news, or if you’ve been unwilling to look at the news at all, today’s episode will help you find the balance between the give and take.Rachel begins by sharing the story of the service initiatives she has developed throughout her life. From saving snails, to rescuing puppies, and helping women and children in need, service has always been firmly rooted in her heart. But sometimes it has taken over to the point that she cannot take care of herself.There’s a delicate balance between helping others and taking care of your own heart. If you give too much, you can lose your ability to give anything at all. But if you don’t give anything, you are bypassing your responsibility as a human being. We don’t have to carry everything, but we do have to carry some. Tune in for an episode that will show you how to balance it all sustainably.

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