Becoming Yoga Girl

Becoming Yoga Girl

Becoming Yoga Girl

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - October 6, 2017 - 59:11

In this episode Rachel shares the story of how Yoga Girl came into existence! She talks about how her Instagram account came to be and recalls the first time anyone every recognized her from social media (not as much fun as you might think!). She tells the hilarious story of how she taught her first-ever yoga class abroad (it involves a Chipotle burrito and almost vomiting out of nervousness) after cold-calling studios and begging them to let her teach, and how that was the spark that launched her journey as an international yoga instructor. She shares what it’s been like to grow from teaching in small yoga studios to huge stadiums and concert halls, dealing with judgement from other teachers and finally harnessing her own power and allowing herself to truly shine.

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