Healing Physical Pain, Finding Your Core and Movement As a Spiritual Practice with Lara Heimann

Healing Physical Pain, Finding Your Core and Movement As a Spiritual Practice with Lara Heimann

Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart - November 10, 2017 - 1:21:56

In this episode Rachel is joined by Lara Heimann; physical therapist, master yoga teacher and anatomy genius. They talk about one thing and one thing only: THE BODY. Your body is a miracle! Yet we rarely treat it as such. In this episode you get to learn some of the many misaligned cues taught by yoga teachers all over the world and why the overly flexible yoga body, though so celebrated within the yoga community, is actually inching its way closer to injury with every downward dog. Lara shares stories of working with patients with severe neurological injuries and how her MB in physical therapy helped shape a brand new form of yoga. Rachel shares her own history of jumping from teacher to teacher and, through practicing intensely, having ended up with injury or pain more than a few times in her life. They talk about movement as a deeply spiritual practice, how to form the essential habit of practicing yoga (mindfully!) every day and how to heal yoga-related pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck. They also dive into the topic of how tapping into your core can completely change your life (and how it has absolutely nothing to do with a six-pack!).

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