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Your Chosen Family: Near, Far, but Always There

Your Chosen Family: Near, Far, but Always There

From the Heart with Rachel Brathen - October 29, 2021 - 49:06

Everywhere you go becomes a part of you somehow. In today’s episode, Rachel’s journey to Costa Rica is ending as she mourns the recent loss of someone very dear to her heart. Recognizing the collection of chosen family she has scattered throughout her second home, she reminisces on stories from the past and grieves a future that will never come to be.But our loved ones are never very far, are they? A short trip away, a brief phone call, or locked in our subconscious and seen only in dreams - we are connected to the ones we love when it really matters. Life changes over the years, but the scattered fragments of our hearts always guide us back home when the timing is right. This episode will bask you in gratitude for your chosen family, your memories, and all the places where you belong. Don’t forget to hold them tight.

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