1984: "Vioporn," Body Double and Crimes of Passion (Erotic 80s Part 7)

1984: "Vioporn," Body Double and Crimes of Passion (Erotic 80s Part 7)

1984: "Vioporn," Body Double and Crimes of Passion (Erotic 80s Part 7)

You Must Remember This - May 17, 2022 - 1:13:18

In a time of bombastic blockbusters (and Reagan’s re-election), two auteurs defy the norms by releases violent films about sexual obsession, sparking a controversial mini-trend which one critic dubs “Vioporn.” Kathleen Turner, then also starring in a family-friendly blockbuster, plays a sex worker with a double life in Ken Russell’s Crimes of Passion. Brian DePalma, the most talked-about director of the moment, takes his tribute/critique of Hitchcock to the next level by casting Melanie Griffith – daughter of Hitchcock blonde Tippi Hedren – as a porn star in Body Double.

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