80: The Blacklist Part 10: Salt of the Earth: Howard Hughes + Paul Jarrico

80: The Blacklist Part 10: Salt of the Earth: Howard Hughes + Paul Jarrico

80: The Blacklist Part 10: Salt of the Earth: Howard Hughes + Paul Jarrico

You Must Remember This - April 26, 2016 - 52:34

Today we explore one of the more troubling aspects of Howard Hughes’ legacy: the firm hand he played in enforcing the blacklisting of Hollywood workers, both as the head and owner of RKO Pictures, and as a powerful rich guy whose influence went as high as the U.S. Congress. This episode also tells the story of Paul Jarrico, the first screenwriter to be taken to court by a studio (RKO) over the question of his firing during the blacklist period. In partnership with the also-blacklisted writer Michael Wilson and director Herbert Biberman, Jarrico then made Salt of the Earth, a pro-Union, proto-feminist, Neorealist-influenced independent film which the blacklisting-supporting unions effectively silenced, with the help of the media, politicians, and Hughes. This episode is brought to you by 1-800-Flowers. Order One Dozen beautiful, assorted Roses and receive another Dozen Roses and a vase for FREE – just $29.99. Go to 1800Flowers.com/REMEMBER. This episode is also brought to you by Slack. Visit Slack.com/REMEMBER. Create a new team and you’ll get $100 in credit for when you decide to upgrade to a paid plan.

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