Porno Chic and The Brief Heyday of X Ratings (Erotic 80s Part 1)

Porno Chic and The Brief Heyday of X Ratings (Erotic 80s Part 1)

Porno Chic and The Brief Heyday of X Ratings (Erotic 80s Part 1)

You Must Remember This - April 5, 2022 - 1:04:48

In 1968, the Production Code gave way to the ratings system, and the brief legitimacy of the X-rated movie. Today we’ll focus on two massive, X-rated hits released within a year of one another in 1972-1973: Deep Throat, the first hardcore porn movie to become a mainstream blockbuster; and the international art film sensation Last Tango in Paris. Both of these hits were products of a male-centered sexual revolution, and both of their female stars later described making these movies as equivalent to being raped. We’ll talk about how both films gave Hollywood permission to intermingle sex and violence in the name of both profits and art, and how both have been reassessed as documents of violence against women.

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