119: Bela and Ed Wood (Bela & Boris Part 5)

119: Bela and Ed Wood (Bela & Boris Part 5)

119: Bela and Ed Wood (Bela & Boris Part 5)

You Must Remember This - November 14, 2017 - 41:55

Forgotten by Hollywood, struggling with morphine addiction and a dependency on alcohol, at the end of his life Bela Lugosi was welcomed into a rag tag bunch of micro-budget movie-making freaks led by Edward D. Wood Jr,, who would later become known as the worst filmmaker of all time. Through their collaborations on movies like Glen or Glenda? and Bride of the Monster, did Ed Wood help Bela, exploit him, or a little of both? Featuring Taran Killam as Bela Lugosi and Noah Segan as Ed Wood.

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