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The Science of Storytelling with Cheryl Miller Houser

The Science of Storytelling with Cheryl Miller Houser

Yang Speaks - September 3, 2020 - 58:22

Generation Startup co-director Cheryl Miller Houser produced the videos that launched the Yang2020 campaign. Cheryl and Andrew talk about the early days of the campaign, the challenges of creating videos for a first-time candidate, and what happens in our brains on a chemical level when we experience stories. Plus, Cheryl gives helpful pointers for anyone who wants to tell their story in a way that moves and persuades.Watch this conversation on YouTube: https://youtu.be/AupbLgPNytMCheryl Miller Houser - https://linkedin.com/in/cheryl-miller-houser-a31816 | https://creativebreed.com | https://generationstartupthefilm.comAndrew Yang - https://twitter.com/AndrewYang | https://movehumanityforward.comZach Graumann - https://twitter.com/Zach_Graumann

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