How Liz Lambert Built Her Dream Hotels

How Liz Lambert Built Her Dream Hotels

Women Who Travel - March 19, 2019 - 31:52

Liz Lambert has lived many lives. She started out as a creative writing student, and then ended up in law school before serving in the Manhattan District Attorney's office. But she's best known for her design-forward work in the hotel industry as the founder and chief creative officer of her hotel group, Bunkhouse. We caught up with Liz for a live podcast taping in Austin to hear how she fell in love with hotels, her non-traditional path into the business, and how having a five-month-old child has changed the way she travels. Plus, we get the goss on her go-to room service order, her hatred of in-room coffee, and what's coming next for her hotel group (hello, New Orleans!).Find more information about this episode (and how you can see us live) in the show notes here:

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