I Traveled Around the World Because of a DNA Test

I Traveled Around the World Because of a DNA Test

Women Who Travel - September 24, 2019 - 37:11

There are plenty of ways to see the world: through its food, through nature, or even just by slipping on a pair of sneakers and taking a walk. But for Mickela Mallozzi, a professional dancer and host of the award-winning PBS travel show Bare Feet With Mickela Mallozzi, there is no better way to connect with a new place—and its people—than by dancing, whether it be with the Gnawa tribe in Morocco or the Georgian National Ballet. This episode, we sit down with Mickela to find out how she got the idea for her show in the first place, where it's taken her since, and what to expect from her upcoming season, which sees her tracing her DNA across the globe.ICYMI: Women Who Travel's 2020 trip lineup is here! We're still headed to Colombia and Mexico, but are also introducing Cuba as a brand new destination. Interested? You can find all the information you need at elcamino.travel/women-who-travel.Find more info and a full transcription of the episode here: https://www.cntraveler.com/story/i-traveled-around-the-world-because-of-a-dna-test

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