The Travels That Inspire Our Cooking

The Travels That Inspire Our Cooking

Women Who Travel - March 5, 2019 - 42:05

Food has never been more tethered to travel. Instagram, Anthony Bourdain, and others have made the two things bound to each other. And so, we pulled in two of our favorite foodies—*Bon Appétit*'s food director Carla Music (of "Back to Back Chef" YouTube fame) and contributor Priya Krishna—to chat about why food *always* tastes better on vacation, what it takes to recreate our favorite dishes, and cover the trips that introduced us to new foods, from something as simple as fresh pita and hummus in Egypt to pillowy idlis in India. Find more information about Carla and Priya's new books, along with details for our upcoming live podcast in Austin in the show notes here:

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