Why We Should All Be More Adventurous This Summer

Why We Should All Be More Adventurous This Summer

Women Who Travel - May 1, 2019 - 36:20

For those of us who don't describe ourselves as "outdoorsy," planning an excursion out into the wilderness can seem like a daunting task. How do you find the best trails? How do you stay safe? How much gear should you buy? And, once you've figured that out, how much will it all cost? Well, we're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, we've dedicated an entire episode to all the reasons why you really should (finally) embrace the outdoors this summer.This week, we're joined by Traveler photo editor Meg Reinhardt, and Abigail Wise, digital managing editor of Outside, to find out just how to plan the perfect adventure. For all of the links and parks mentioned in this episode, check out our show notes: https://www.cntraveler.com/story/why-we-should-all-be-more-adventurous-this-summer-women-who-travel-podcast

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