How I Became a Photojournalist: A Chat with Lynsey Addario

How I Became a Photojournalist: A Chat with Lynsey Addario

Women Who Travel - January 7, 2020 - 31:34

w It's a new year, which means more episodes of Women Who Travel are coming your way. In 2020, we're kicking things off with a new monthly series called "HoI Became...," where we'll sit down with master travelers who spend most of their lives on the road doing things those of us at our desks on a daily basis never thought possible. First up? Women Who Travel advisory board member, award-winning photojournalist, and author Lynsey Addario. We chat with her about picking up her first camera, taking less than stellar shots on her tour of South America in her early twenties, and spending her decades-long career photographing women. Delving deeper, we talk about how travel can heal the trauma of photographing war, death, and more—and how it takes years to learn to say "no" to risk. Find a full transcript, show notes, and links here:

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