We Answer Your Frequently Asked Travel Questions, Part 3

We Answer Your Frequently Asked Travel Questions, Part 3

Women Who Travel - July 23, 2019 - 33:06

We're back again—we've pulled burning questions from our Women Who Travel Facebook group (plus one incredible photo of a gnawed-on passport) and asked our editors to share their expertise. With Traveler's articles director Stephanie Wu, travel news director Erin Florio, and community editor Megan Spurrell, we shared our tips for staying warm on planes and getting photos while on solo trips. But we also hit a serious note, covering how to tackle travel and flight anxiety and how to be more environmentally conscious while on the road. If you want to submit a question for a future FAQ episode, drop it into the Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/womenwhotraveltheworld. Not only could you hear from Traveler editors themselves, but you'll have more than 130,000 women come to your aid, too._____Earlier this year, Conde Nast Traveler launched Women Who Travel group trips to Colombia, and now we're heading Mexico on a nine-day trip that stops in Mexico City and Oaxaca. If you want to join, there are just 15 spots on our September 21-29 trip—and they’re filling up fast. For information on how to book, head to cntraveler.com/wwtmexico.

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