One God, Under Trump w/ Jack Jenkins and Parker Molloy

One God, Under Trump w/ Jack Jenkins and Parker Molloy

With Friends Like These - August 25, 2017 - 1:15:47

First [5:35], why aren’t evangelicals turning on the decidedly ungodly Trump? Jack Jenkins (@jackmjenkins), religion editor at Think Progress, explains how Christian nationalism has fused with Trumpism to create an unbreakable (?) bond. Second [43:06], Parker Molloy, (@ParkerMolloy), from Upworthy, joins to talk about the re-animation of the “trans ban” and why it matters beyond the military. Also, responding to a listener who asked about the ways one can help in the fight against bigotry *besides* going to protests and rallies. Reach the pod at @crooked_friends on Twitter and email us your questions (for our new weekly segment!) at We’re also taking your adult sex-ed questions for an upcoming show, so email us those, too. We welcome *audio* questions, using a recording app. And LIVE SHOW in AUSTIN, TX on 9/23 at the Texas Tribune Festival. Find out more at Relevant to the discussion — Jack’s Christian nationalism series, part 1: and part 2: Shout out to our sponsors! MM.LaFleur: Try a free Bento Box of wardrobe staples and accessories at KIND: Pick up your free sample snack box by going to Parachute: Visit for free shipping and returns. Third Love: Find the right fit and a free 30-day trial at

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