“Post Office With Guns” with Jon Lovett and Nate Bethea

“Post Office With Guns” with Jon Lovett and Nate Bethea

With Friends Like These - October 27, 2017 - 1:00:12

First, [3:10] Crooked Media’s Jon Lovett (@jonlovett) stops by to answer a listener’s question about the role of gay men in #metoo, which leads to an honest discussion about female vs. male leadership. Then, [19:40] we sit down with Afghanistan war veteran Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts) to explore how progressives should situate themselves in relation to the military (spoiler: plenty of people who serve are leftists, if not as overtly so as right-leaning troops). We also ask, is it OK to criticize the military, and who should be doing the criticizing? Finally, we acknowledge that standing for troops at airports can be uncomfortable for all parties, and settle on saying hi one-on-one instead. Tweet the pod at @crooked_friends and email us your questions at withfriendslikepod@gmail.com. Check out crooked.com for a full reading list and sources. Thanks to our excellent sponsors! The Better Off podcast, where Emmy-nominated Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger takes on uncomfortable and sometimes controversial money and investing issues. Framebridge: Go to Framebridge.com and use promo code FRIENDS for 15% off your first order. Texture: Get a free trial when you go to texture.com/FRIENDS and save 30 percent a month on the regular price if you choose to continue your subscription. Everlane: Free shipping on your first order at Everlane.com/friends

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