“You’re Gonna Feel a Pinch” with Ira Madison III and Bob Inglis

“You’re Gonna Feel a Pinch” with Ira Madison III and Bob Inglis

With Friends Like These - November 17, 2017 - 1:13:35

First, [3:35] newest Crooked Media pod host Ira Madison III (@ira) drops by to talk about why “good men” should be prepared to lose something when it comes to facing and assessing their past behaviour, which includes acknowledging a system that has afforded white men so much success. Ira and Ana start by asking: should Al Franken resign? Then, [36:00] former South Carolina Republican congressman Bob Inglis (@bobinglis) is back to help us make sense of why many Evangelical Christians in Alabama continue to stick by Roy Moore even after numerous women have accused him of sexual misconduct, which leads to a discussion about identity politics. You can tweet us at @crooked_friends on Twitter or send us your thoughts via email at withfriendslikepod@gmail.com Thanks a bunch to our sponsors! KIND: Find your free sample box at KindSnacks.com/friends HELIX: Go to HelixSleep.com/Ana and get $50 off your order. EVERLANE: Free shipping on your first order at Everlane.com/friends PARACHUTE: Visit ParachuteHome.com/friends for free shipping and returns.

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