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Mush Love Dogs (live with Blair Braverman)

Mush Love Dogs (live with Blair Braverman)

With Friends Like These - September 20, 2019 - 1:06:44

Blair Braverman (@BlairBraverman) joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) at Cap Times Idea Fest in Wisconsin in front of a live studio audience. In this wide-ranging interview, they cover Blair’s memoir (Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube), all things mushing, how to dress for cold weather, climate change, and the surprising similarities between raising dogs and cultivating a compassionate online community. They also discuss some of the more sensitive topics in her memoir, including Blair’s interactions with toxic masculinity, and how her chronic illness altered her relationship with productivity and leisure. Come join for this in-depth cultural dissection with the ally who came in from the cold.There is brief discussion of sexual violence. If you or someone you know needs help with these issues, please contact RAINN at ‎1-800-656-HOPE.Bit of housekeeping: We at Crooked Media are teaming up with Stacey Abrams for Fair Fight 2020. We’re trying to donate at least a million dollars towards her five million dollar goal. Please donate here and encourage others to join in.Thanks to our sponsors! Last Day is a new podcast from Lemonada Media that takes a good, hard look at the things that are killing us — those massive epidemics we hear about constantly that are hard to comprehend and getting worse every day. Last Day zooms in on a person’s last day of life to try to figure out how they got there, and then zooms out to help all of us understand the bigger societal picture and what can be done about it. The storytelling is incredible and has you holding your breath. And Stephanie, who lost her own brother, comedian Harris Wittels, to an overdose in 2015, is able to bring all of her first-hand experience to the table. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts.We all want to do the right thing to keep our bodies healthy in the long run. It’s only a dollar a day to have all the essential nutrients your body needs, delivered every month — no strings attached. Visit ritual.com/FRIENDSto start your subscription today at 10% off. When it comes to shopping for clothes most of us are amateurs. So why not let the professionals handle it? Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that delivers your favorite clothing, shoes, and accessories, directly to you. After completing your style profile, your expert personal stylist will send you a handpicked box of items based on your style and preferences. Get started today at StitchFix.com/friends and get an extra 25% off when you keep everything in your box! ARC is a new way to achieve professional-level teeth whitening at home for just 30 minutes a day. To help our listeners get a whiter, brighter smile, ARC is offering $15 off your purchase of a Blue Light kit when you visit Arcsmile.com and use promo code FRIENDS at checkout. The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin offers graduate degrees in domestic and global policy. We also have the unique combination of spirit, purpose and courage that sets us apart. Find out more at lbjschool.info/friends or find @thelbjschool on social media.

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On this season of With Friends Like These, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, host Ana Marie Cox looks at post-Trump America and tries to find models for how we forgive people, and if we should.

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